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Why You Should Keep Your Pet Groomed During Winter Months

Hey Everyone! We put these tips together just for you. Hope they help!

Consider your pets health this winter:

Pro Tip #1: Many pet owners believe that their pets don’t need to be groomed in the winter, due to their costs becoming thicker and “keeping them warm.” Grooming your dog in the winter months is important, if not more important than in the summer, to sustain a healthy coat and avoid matting. Matting results in a cold, wet and infection- susceptible dog. When a dogs coat becomes matted (regardless of the breed), it no longer keeps the dog warm or insulated. Matting is very uncomfortable and it can cause pain and even skin infection for your pet. Make sure you’re fully drying your dog’s coat when they come in from outside. This will help avoid them from getting sick and dry and itchy skin. Make sure you’re brushing your dog to avoid any matting or tangles as this interferes with the distribution of natural oils that help with the skin and coat.

Pro Tip #2: Your dog’s nails do not get worn down in winter compared to summer when they go for walks. Therefore resulting in long overgrown nails. If the nails become too long it is difficult for your dog to maintain its balance on snow and ice. It also becomes painful for them to walk. We also can’t forget about their paw pads, all that fur attracts excess dirt, things like rocks, mud and salt which becomes uncomfortable. Think of it as you walking around with rocks in your shoes all day, doesn’t sound too pleasant does it? That’s how your dog will feel.

Pro Tip #3: REGULAR BATHS with colder weather automatically results in dryer skin. By using a good shampoo and conditioner, this will help with that. By following all of the above you shouldn’t have a problem at all this winter season!!

We hope this helps you and your pets this winter! And please remember, we are always here to help you out! 💙

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